Music. Support. Freedom.
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Music. Support. Freedom.

Sveta Bar
Вівторок, 19:00

A series of charitable events ‘Music. Support. Freedom.’ organized by Ukrainian singers CONSTANTINE, INGRET and TOHKA

After Berlin concerts artists are going to Tallinn to make charitable event at Sveta Bar on April 26th

Art illuminates the world even in dark times, helps to express the powerful emotions, unites souls and hearts of people of Earth. The voices of Ukrainians must be heard. This is how the strength, beauty, love and pain of a beautiful, hardworking and talented country sounds.

The proceeds from the concerts of CONSTANTINE, INGRET and TOНKA will be deployed to the ‘Masterskaya’ Charity Foundation, where they will be distributed for humanitarian, medical, cultural institutions, and children's needs.

INGRET performs gentle and emotional tracks that intertwine indie and pop rock, themes of love and inner feelings, reflections on life's purpose and creativity. The singer herself calls her music ‘an echo of the soul’. Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has thwarted INGRET's plans to release a new EP. But songs from it will be heard alive.

TOНKA is a Ukrainian indie-band, creators and experimenters who are not afraid to try new sounds. Just two days before the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the musicians released a new EP ‘Znov molodist’ ne bude’ based on poems by Ukrainian poets Oleksandr Oles and Mykola Khvilovyy. Previously, the artists have already used Ukrainian poetry in their songs, made the main accents on vocals and the dynamic rhythm of the tracks.

CONSTANTINE is one of the most striking artists of the Ukrainian pop scene. Audience knows him as a courageous but sensitive lyrical hero with a unique voice, fashion sense and musical taste. His tracks ‘Mozol’ and ‘Neonovaya Noch’, included in the EP ‘Simpatichen’, became the main hits of the past year. Constantine will perform with an acoustic program.